COVID-19 Procedure at Doc's Diet

We know most of the country is starting to open up in different phases and so are we! Phase 1 starts 6/11/2020. Text below will explain our phases and what you can look forward to in the future.


Phase 1 - Doc's Diet will be opening their doors to new patients only while still operating via telephone for established patients. New patient visits are a more involved process, therefore they need to be done in person. We will only be allowing one patient in the office at a time. The visits have been spaced out to allow time for both in person visits and telephone consultations for established patients. With the practitioner's attention being split between in person and telephone visits, we will be having them call patients back as they have time to be on the phone. This helps us with keeping the phone lines open to receive calls without having patients on hold for too long. (Think of the new process like when you call into a call center and they give you the option to keep your place in line, but get a call back when an agent is free.) I know people are eager to get into the office and get B12 injections, unfortunately that still won't be an option at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Phase 2 - Phase 1 will help us determine when we will be ready for phase 2, meaning we don't have a definite date for when phase 2 will happen. Once that day arrives, here is what it will look like. We will start seeing established patients along with new patients by appointment only and at intervals. There will be no walk-ins at this time and we will still be offering visits via telephone.


Phase 3 (Our current phase) - This phase will take place once things are looking much more clear in regards to the coronavirus. We will start seeing established patients, along with new patients, allowing more than one patient in the office at a time. These visits will still be by appointment only and no walk-ins will be allowed. There will still be phone consultations going on at this time.


Final Phase - The last phase of the plan will be to open operations as they were prior to COVID-19 hitting us in March.


These are our current plans. As with any new plan and change, things will get worked out as we learn. Our main goal, is to keep our patients, our staff and all our loved ones as safe as possible. Please be patient with us as we solidify our plans moving forward, we are very much looking forward to seeing everyone in the office again soon! A HUGE thank you to everyone that has stuck with us through all of this. We cannot thank you enough for keeping us going!



Hello to all of our wonderful patients! We know things are quite different than what you’re used to here at Doc’s Diet, so we wanted to take a minute and answer some of the questions we’ve been getting…


Is your office open?

  • Our office is closed to walk-ins, but we are doing in office visits, by appointment only, and telephone visits for our established patients. 


How can I get my medication when doing a telephone consultation?

  • After a successful phone office visit and if the provider determines you are still appropriate for the diet medication, we are offering one of two ways to receive your medication; 
  • 1. The best way to get the diet pills is for you to pick up the medication at our office parking lot in Linden or Turlock. We will carefully hand the medication to you through your car window. Just drive to the office and call when you are here. We will run them out to you. You can pick them up during our normal business hours.
  • 2. We can also mail a written prescription to your home. This method isn’t working very well for a couple reasons. There will be an additional cost at the pharmacy. The post office is swamped and mail is delayed for up to a week after we have sent it out. Some patients have had a hard time getting their prescription filled when taking it to the pharmacy. We will mail the prescription if you prefer- we wanted you to know of the issues that might make filling the prescription difficult. If you can’t get the prescription filled, no worries, drive out to the office and we will exchange the written prescription for a month’s supply of medication.


How much is the copay at the pharmacy?

  • We have found that on average the pharmacy is charging about $30 for the medication. If you go to you can print out a coupon to take with you when you are picking up your prescription that should bring that cost down to around $10. 


What do I need to have ready for the telephone consultation? 

  • If you can get your weight and blood pressure at home, that would be helpful. We are not requiring it at this time, especially if you have to leave your house in order to get that information.


What are your hours?

  • We are operating during our normal business hours. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8-5, closed for lunch from 1-2:30. Saturday 8-12. Closed Wednesday.


How do we pay for a telephone consultation?

  • We will take a payment over the phone once your visit is complete via credit/debit card. If cash is your only option, we will accept cash as payment. The main reason we are discouraging cash payment is because it’s one more exchange of possible germs that we are trying to avoid as best we can. So, if you are able, please pay over the phone. Thank you for your understanding.


We appreciate your trust in us!!!

Doc's Diet has officially found it's COVID groove and we are happy to share with all of you that we are offering in office visits, by appointment only. Being able to get a B12 injection is something many people find helpful with their weight loss journey and we want to be able to offer that for you now. We are not taking walk-ins just yet as we are still trying to keep foot traffic in the office at a minimum in order to help with contamination. There is limited space, so call your preferred office (Linden, Turlock or Tracy) today to schedule your in office appointment.


We hope all this information helps answer some of the questions you might have. If you have any more questions, or would like to set up a phone appointment without tying up the phone lines, please email us at We hope and pray that all of you are staying healthy, safe and sane out there.  Have a great day!