We think vitamins are a good thing! Vitamins help our metabolism work! Technically speaking, vitamins are the catalysts of the constellation of chemical reactions that have to occur to process food into energy or convert extra calories to fat. Vitamins ensure the chemical reactions will occur and different vitamins help different chemical reactions.  I view vitamins as being the grease in the middle of a wheel, the chemical reactions spinning around and around... without the grease, the spinning will stop. It is truly an amazing design and as a medical student Doc had to learn the details of the whole human biochemical metabolic scheme. In Doc's view, our metabolism is much like all the rides at the amusment park, Great America. Each ride goes around and around producing a substance in response to what the body needs or what type of food and how many calories has been eaten. The ferris wheel does one thing, the train another, the basket ride hanging from the wire does another, the scary roller coaster has another substance to make.... here is what is amazing... in our bodies, each reaction can go in either direction and they all pass substances off to each other. It's like each ride at the amusment park can go in either direction and you can jump from one ride to the next at certain spots... so cool. Vitamins help all these metabolic reactions to occur and that's why we suggest an appropriate amount of vitamin supplementation to help it all work the best it can. Enjoy!