Age Related

Here is some advice related to age specific activity levels:

Young: 20-39

  1. Target heart rate 145-160 beats per minute for at least 20 minutes is cardiovascular conditioning

  2. Tendons and ligaments in general respond quicker and better to stretching and less likely to be injured

  3. Recovery from intense work out seems quicker

  4. Check out our own exercise examples created by Coach Wilkins

Mid: 40-59

  1. Target heart rate 130-144 beats per minute for at least 20 minutes is cardiovascular benefit

  2. Stuff getting tight! Ligaments and tendons can be seriously restricted due to inactivity-go slow stretching, flexibility and core-posture issues are very important-injury potential is high if you push it too hard. HUGE BENEFIT with stretching over time (i.e. yoga).

  3. Recovery from more vigorous work outs takes longer so do them less often

  4. Evolving issues of chronic disease need to be considered so tailor activity very specifically if for example hypertension or diabetes

  5. Consider adding glucosamine to protect cartilage in weight bearing joints

Old: 60-80

  1. Target heart rate 110-128 beats per minute is good cardiovascular workout

  2. Flexibility and mobility is very important. Ligaments and tendons need gentle, caring and slow evolving stretch (think old rubber band) examples: yoga, tai chi are wonderful for this.

  3. Gain muscle and strength using very light weights with slow and deliberate movements

  4. Balance issues become important- exercise helps! Have something close for stability

  5. Back off on intensity if you get a hint it's too much- work up to intensity over months not days