"Helpful Tips" is packed with an amazing amount of information to help you stay 'in the game'. This weight loss journey can be very challenging. We meet those challenges head on with you! In this section you will find inspirational Testimonials of successful Doc's Diet patients. Doc's Blog will let you participate in Dr. Wilkins' personal weight loss battles. In Exercises, Coach Aaron Wilkins has written fantastic sample exercises and tips to get you started with your fitness goals. Lifestyle Changes will help you find some good ideas to use in your daily life for positive, healthy changes that last!  We totally understand the struggle you have and provide you some great ideas to change your lifestyle! FAQs will help answer many of your questions. References is designed to take you to other sources on the internet that will help you in many ways. This is information that Doc has found useful for you- check these places out!...just come back to us after you are done! We wake up every morning to HELP our patients in our clinics- here is a wonderful source of Helpful Tips you can access 24 hours per day, 7 days per week! Enjoy