Yes! New and Renew Campaign

Take a 12- week journey with us. Doc's Diet wants to make reaching your new year weight loss goals as easy as pie. Check in with us week to week for tips, tricks and inspiration on your way to your renewed self. On this page you will find a calendar that will help you follow along and guide you in ways to make reaching your goals that much easier. Links to our favorite things as well as videos, messages and recipes. If there is something you would like to see, or a way you feel we can better serve you through this season of life, go to the contact us page and send us a message with your suggestions. We are looking forward to better serving you!



Doc’s Diets …. 2023 Campaign

Both feet, no more ‘No’s … leap away from your old self and ways and say YES to new expectations rooted in faith, righteous discipline and determination.
Be fearless, expect challenges and naysayers, ride out the hardship with clear eyes set on the goal! Physically, mentally and spiritually lean, fit and strong…. ‘Watch this!’

Doc will lead you through a 12 week program. Each day of the week has a different theme. 

Monday- “make it happen Monday” with tips, tools and suggestions to get this done… even some cooking!

Tuesday- “Tech day Tuesday” is doc getting nerdy with some good information about our physical journey, how our bodies work and the changes we can expect!

Wednesday “ weigh in Wednesday” … yup - doc humbly putting our his numbers for all to see with the expectation that as he progresses it will inspire you!

Thursday “ deep dive Thursday” - we will dissect out the mental part of our journey- how to use our amazing brain as a useful tool to flip the switch and keep our heads in the game!

Friday “fun day Friday” - by way of example doc will share some fun, purposeful, happy, positive activities and hobbies that solidify our joy. Smile! We are here, living, important, wonderful lives for a reason. Enjoy the frolic as your body improves each day!

Saturday “ Patient journey Saturday” we will feature a patient’s journey each week that we have found - someone with a great story… that is willing to share it here… a gift will be involved!
Sunday “Spiritual Sunday” - in keeping with the body, mind, spirit concept that if all three are in harmony- we have the optimal opportunity for health! Doc will share some details of his personal spiritual journey and how our spirit, mind and body are wonderfully interconnected.

Doc will be here daily with daily three minute videos and some links shared ‘below’ - hoping you will take the time to explore each topic.

Just say YES!

Be ready for a year to make the transformation complete … it’ll be incredible.