Just Say Yes! Week 3/12

Take a 12- week journey with us. Doc's Diet wants to make reaching your new year weight loss goals as easy as pie. Check in with us week to week for tips, tricks and inspiration on your way to your renewed self. On this page you will find a calendar that will help you follow along and guide you in ways to make reaching your goals that much easier. Links to our favorite things as well as videos, messages and recipes. If there is something you would like to see, or a way you feel we can better serve you through this season of life, go to the contact us page and send us a message with your suggestions. We are looking forward to better serving you!

Your Journey Journal

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Make it Happen Monday -  Day 15/84 - ‘wrong way weekend’

Check out Monday’s YouTube video from Dr Wilkins! 

Technical Tuesday - Day 16/84 - For lasting positive changes to our body consider the process of epigenetics… our bodies are amazing!!! take care Doc

Check out Tuesday’s YouTube video from Dr. Wilkins!


Weigh in Wednesday - Day 17/84 - 233 lbs down 8 lbs from day 1 45.5 inches around waist, down .5 inches from day 1

Check out Wednesday/Thursday’s YouTube video from Dr. Wilkins!


Deep Dive Thursday - Day 18/84 - Weathering the storm

Check out Wednesday/Thursday’s YouTube video from Dr. Wilkins!


Free Day Fun Day Friday - Day 19/84 - Doc’s Diet Office Manager, Shannon, shares what she enjoys doing for fun.

Check out Friday’s YouTube video from Shannon!