Just Say Yes Week 1/12

Take a 12- week journey with us. Doc's Diet wants to make reaching your new year weight loss goals as easy as pie. Check in with us week to week for tips, tricks and inspiration on your way to your renewed self. On this page you will find a calendar that will help you follow along and guide you in ways to make reaching your goals that much easier. Links to our favorite things as well as videos, messages and recipes. If there is something you would like to see, or a way you feel we can better serve you through this season of life, go to the contact us page and send us a message with your suggestions. We are looking forward to better serving you!

Your Journey Journal

Follow Along with Daily Videos/Posts

Make it Happen Monday -  Day 1/84 Tool Kit - The calendar above should help you set some goals, track your calories, help organize your thoughts for the week if you print it out (right click, 'save image as', download and print! or contact us for a PDF version) and have a copy at home. Check out some of our favorite things to have in our kits. (If you want to share with us some of yours, go to our contact us page and help us spread the word)

Measuring Cups

Tape Measure


Vitamins and Blood Pressure Cuff

Good House Keeping Cookbook

Skinny Taste Cookbook


LoseIt (takes you to the website, you can also download the app from there as well)

Yoga with Adriene - follow along with her daily yoga to start the year out right.


Check out Monday’s YouTube video from Dr Wilkins! 


Technical Tuesday - Day 2/84 ‘Fixing Stuff’ Doc nerding out on our physical selves, how our bodies work.

Check out Tuesday’s YouTube video from Dr. Wilkins!


Weigh in Wednesday - Day 3/84 Doc's numbers, your numbers.

Check out Wednesday’s YouTube video from Dr. Wilkins!


Deep Dive Thursday - Day 4/84 ‘Flipping the Switch’ - Mental part of the journey- helping to change our inner voice.

Check out Thursday’s YouTube video from Dr. Wilkins!


Free Day Fun Day Friday - Celebrate the freedom of your discipline and do/plan something fun, or remember an event that brought you joy. 

Check out Friday’s YouTube video from Dr. Wilkins!


Patient's Journey Saturday - Best examples... found by MAs, DO, PAs...If you would like to share your story, go to the contact us page, send us your success story or the things that help you through your journey and receive a free gift. (Link to content coming Saturday)

Check out today’s YouTube video from Dr. Wilkins!


Spiritual Roots Sunday - Encouraging a spiritual perspective, to grow the trilogy of body, mind and spirit as true health with my excerpts from my personal spiritual walk... not a pastor or preacher... just hiking the same trail. (Link to content coming Sunday)