These testimonials are from our patients over the years in their own words. We have not edited their content, their statements reflect a wide variety of their experiences and backgrounds. Your experience will be unique to you! Enjoy your adventure.

I've been coming to Doc's Diet for almost a year and I've lost 94 pounds. Following the program has been easy - eating 5 times a day with 1300 calories total has worked for me. The people in the office are so nice it makes weigh-in that much easier to do.


I've lost 28 pounds in 3 months and I feel so much better. The staff at Doc's Diet is really great and the doctors give really great advice. The program was easy to follow and as long as you follow your calories, drink lots of water and exercise, you will see results. I am excited about my progress!


Having lost weight has completely changed my life. I feel and look better physically, mentally and emotionally. I am a whole new person. I hope I can inspire someone out there who thinks it's impossible. Let me tell you, anything is possible. Try it, learn how to eat and enjoy life. Most of all, do it for yourself.


When I went for my first visit to My Doc's Diet, I weighed 260 lbs. I've been overweight my entire life but this was the biggest I'd ever been - I knew I needed help. I've tried to lose weight so many times so I was not expecting this time to be any different, but everyone at Doc's Diet made the process of losing over 50 lbs in 7 months so easy. I've managed to keep the weight off for 6 months. Thank you to the entire staff at Doc's Diet, you've made such a big difference in my life. I am grateful to you all.


I began my 'diet' odyssey when I topped the scales at 209 pounds. A person of my height (5ft 2") is considered over-weight at 209 pounds. Never mind the health risks! According to my doctor I had plenty of health risks. My blood pressure was within the stroke zone. My cholesterol (the bad kind) was very HIGH! My blood sugar was border line diabetic. Many times I tried to diet on my own. (I AM MY WORST ENEMY) so I failed. I realized I needed help. I also needed to be accounted to a person. I turn to DOC'S DIET. I was not made to feel bad or ashamed. This was my odyssey, not the doctors. Food and exercise was explained to me. Eating breakfast, lunch and dinner plus 2 snacks (SMALL) were a must. Then the dreaded word (EXERCISE) exercise-exercise. I wanted to be healthy so I took the challenge. I ate as I was directed and I began walking 45 minutes a day. Month by month the pounds fell off. The benefits are wonderful. My blood pressure Is 116 over 40. My cholesterol had dropped well into the normal range. Blood sugar is normal. I feel great. To date I have lost 70 plus pounds. Only 10 pounds and I am at goal.


Doc's Diet is amazing. It has changed my life. After having my son, I was overweight. I started taking these 'special' pills a few years ago and lost 20 lbs. in about 4 months and loved it. Shortly after I found out I was pregnant. I stopped taking the pills and continued on my journey of a healthy pregnancy. I then breast fed for 9 months and lost a little weight, but nothing can compare to docs diet! I am now back on doc's diet and my son Is 13 months old. I have lost another 30 lbs.! My first time was 20 lbs. from 182 to 162. This time 162 to 131! For all men and women overweight or struggling I highly recommend docs diet. Erica is amazing. She helps with diet, nutrition, and exercise tips, and she is always there when you have any questions and need answers. I could go on and on about how this 'special' pill has changed my life and my sons, he now has a fit and energized mommy. Try docs diet and see, I promise it worked for me!


My first visit at docs diet was almost a year and a half ago, I was unhappy with how overweight I was and keeping up with my two year old was a challenge. I sit here today almost 50 lbs. lighter and my now three year old can hardly keep up with me! Not to mention I took a year break in this time to have another baby who is now 5 months old. I lost all of my baby weight and more by the time she was 4 month old. I feel amazing and am so glad to have found docs diet.


Coming to doc's diet I was very skeptical and very much afraid. I thought that I was a lost cause and would never lose the weight. I walked in at 291lbs and now I am 226. This place is great. Everyone is so nice and caring and the support is always there. I am so grateful for this place. I one hundred percent recommend this place to anyone that is having a difficult time try to lose the weight. I thank the doctor and the staff here. They completely changed my life.


Before going to doc's diet, I weighed 530lbs I currently weigh 320lbs. I would never have been able to accomplish this without the help of doc's diet. Following the lessons I've learned while on this program have helped to facilitate my weight loss. Doc's diet has provided me with a solid structure to accomplish my goal.


I have tried different diets before. I would have to the reason most of us give up on diets is that we're not satisfied with the results were getting. (at least for me it was) a lot of work for minimal rewards type a thing. But with this doc's diet method the results are so radically good and in your face you can't help but to stay motivated. Very few things in life work as both a quick fix and a permanent solution. Doc's diet definitely fits that bill.


Feb of 2013 I walked through the door of doc's diet. A friend had signed up and was excited about the diet. I had not had any success in over 25 years of trying to lose weight. My hopes for Doc's diet working were not very high. In fact my 'doc' could tell I didn't think it was going to work. I was wrong. In the last 7 months I have come very very close to losing 60lbs by my 60th birthday! I no longer shop in the plus size woman department anymore. I can touch my toes without bending my knees and for the first time in many years I no longer feel like I am the fattest person in the room my journey is not over. I plan on staying with doc's diet for a maintenance plan once I reach my first goal. After a few months I hope to drop another 25-30 lbs. thanks 'doc' for the support encouragement and tools to be successful. It really is true eat less and move more and see what the body will do!


This is the easiest diet I have ever tried. I won't lie, the first 3 days were the hardest but once I got past that, the weight literally stated to melt off I was at home with a baby and miserable I had no energy and just sat around. Once I stated doc's diet I gained more energy and slowly stated getting my confidence back. I also started getting their vitamin regimen and noticed my energy levels didn't change (I had constant energy to keep with little guy). To date I have lost 15lbs I am very happy with docs diet! I definitely recommend to all especially all who feel like they are in a funk! It got me out.


When I went to doc's diet for the first time, my weight was 190.8lbs. the first month I lost 14lbs. it was a great feeling, after going there for six months my weight was 148lbs. I looked and felt great. It's not hard to do what you have to do with their program is easy and effective 100% and the best part of all this is that your body gets used to eating healthier. It's being six years since the first time I went and I still have my weight off. My size was 18 when I first went and since I lost the I’m a size 7 and 9.


My name is Laurie. I am 40 years old, and I wanted to share my story to help encourage others that are battling with being overweight. I have struggled with obesity my entire life and never felt that there was any hope for me. For many years, I was always told that counting your calories and exercise was the 'key' to losing weight. It seemed like a lot of work, and I was too lazy. In December of 2012 I was frustrated with my appearance and I made a decision to give Doc's Diet another try. This time I was determined to follow the entire plan and not just taking the pills. At my December visit, I weighed 202 pounds. Since then, I count my calories and go to the gym 5 days a week. After six months, I am so excited to tell you that I have lost over 30 pounds. My weight loss has increased my energy, confidence, and motivation every time I get on the scale. My words of encouragement to anyone wanting to make a healthy change would be follow doc's diet the exact way that he recommends. Eventually you will start to see the results that you are looking for! Be determined and get motivated, because if I can do this...anyone can!!! Blessings too all and Good Luck.


Doc's diet has really worked for me. I come in on 1-25-13 weighting 372.6 and as of 6-21-13 I weigh 313.3lbs. I just followed the calorie intake Dr.Wilkins told me to and drank a lot of water. At first I didn't think it was going to work but in the first month I lost 13.2 lbs.