Just Say Yes! Week 2/12

Take a 12- week journey with us. Doc's Diet wants to make reaching your new year weight loss goals as easy as pie. Check in with us week to week for tips, tricks and inspiration on your way to your renewed self. On this page you will find a calendar that will help you follow along and guide you in ways to make reaching your goals that much easier. Links to our favorite things as well as videos, messages and recipes. If there is something you would like to see, or a way you feel we can better serve you through this season of life, go to the contact us page and send us a message with your suggestions. We are looking forward to better serving you!

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Make it Happen Monday -  Day 8/84 - Doc’s breakfast
fast, tastes good, good calories, 10 grams protein and plenty of fiber!
Just say YES

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Technical Tuesday - Day 9/84 - High Blood Pressure

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Weigh in Wednesday - Day 10/84 - 

241.5 down to 237 lost 4.5 pounds 46” down to 45.5” lost .5” around my waist Keep it up!

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Deep Dive Thursday - Day 11/84 - “Be Positive”

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Free Day Fun Day Friday - Day 12/84 - Take a look at Doc’s Farm

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Patient's Journey Saturday - Day 13/84

The plan for this day’s theme is to feature any of us that are on this weight loss journey! If you’d like to be featured in a subsequent “Good Job Saturday”…text me at my work phone… 1 209 351 4585. I’ll text and call you back to get your story. If you are willing to share your story and thereby help all of us, Doc’s Diet will thank you with a gift… a free clinic visit, an NIV Bible, an airplane ride … or when the farm gets going again, a box of produce from Doc’s Farm… these all come to mind. 

I am nearing the end of the second week! 

My “Good Job” is the following-

Its 2 pm Friday afternoon. Thursday night I was 322 calories under my weight loss budget…. Good Job!

I am up to date with ‘Yoga with Adriene’ 30 days of yoga … Good Job!

It is Adriene’s 7th year in a row for this challenge. I’ve had to double up  a couple days of yoga since I skipped a few… but I am all caught up… having done two this morning before work…. Good job!

My face looks a bit thinner, my waist isn’t quite so full and tight and my body is getting looser and stronger in ways that only yoga can do! …Good Job!!

My body really enjoys the yoga workouts! I am an ex-wrestler at the high school level- almost getting to the State Finals (missed it by one match at the sectionals) back in 1975!! I am an Osteopathic Physician so I am well trained and experienced at knowing about and fixing - bone, muscle, cranial and fascial stuff. The Osteopathic Philosophy of a balanced BODY MIND and SPIRIT leads to good health, is consistent with my own  life long perspective and is the root of Yoga! So the Yoga suits me well….


my calories are good

yoga is good

my brain is still in the game

and I’ve been praying!!


I’ll let you know my numbers on ‘Weigh In Wednesday”

JUST SAY YES, yes, yes, yes!! 

Take care doc

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Spiritual Roots Sunday - Day 14/84 - ‘Be Still….’

Psalm 46:10… ‘be still and know I am God’

I know, I know… I am a bit hypocritical prescribing diet pills to folks and then suggesting they ‘be still’!!


In my opinion a person has to get ‘still’ to listen to God. Being Still takes practice and takes time. With practice and in time -most of us can acquire a spiritual stillness that is quite productive. We all have lots of voices in our head… past conversations, future conflicts, worried outlooks, projects, dealing with kids….. when I try and ‘be still’ it seems like all these voices come in at once! So distracting! I have a pneumonic I use to get past those voices that are competing for my spiritual quiet time….


R- repent of stuff you need to get rid of and be forgiven for

O- obey God in all the ways you have come to understand 

T- trust God for whatever is going on 

S- submit to God’s will and authority in your life

ROTS has been my mental-spiritual checklist that has really helped me quiet all those voices that seem to be literally ‘hell-bent’ on distracting me from getting still and alone with God.

My time is usually early in the morning, before the sun comes up, after I’ve set the coffee on. I often sit in the dark or early dawn, in my little office with the door closed, watching the horizon lighten….. its a good spot… about 15 minutes. 

Consider starting (or ending) your day …being still.

Just say YES

take care doc

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